"What are all the antlers about?"


This was a question we were asked by some new friends we were showing around our house recently. A fair question, I suppose, seeing as there are antlers and deer and images and motifs thereof, around all of our home. Still, I was taken aback by this question because it's such an ingrained part of our home, it never occurred to me that it might be puzzling for someone else. "Well, the pictures you see all around each plaque…that's what the antlers are all about!" My answer was just as vague as the question, it seemed, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

The quick answer is that we are hunters, specifically deer hunters. It is a passion that Tim has pursued for most of his life, and that we together have adopted as part of our lifestyle. The longer answer is in every picture and every memory attached to the mementos of successful hunts (every one of which, is accompanied by a few to a dozen unsuccessful hunts).

The pictures show fathers and sons, brothers, cousins, a husband and wife. They show solitude in nature. They show the creatures we honor through an ethical harvest, efficient processing, and the tastiest, healthiest recipes and preparation methods I can muster. They hold the memories of time spent outdoors, in the kitchen, and at the table with those we love and those we've lost. They show the traditions of our family, of our region, and of our country. They show our heritage.

Tim has been making deer plaques for himself and for family for years, and we are excited to share that these plaques are the newest listing in our Etsy shop! They are handcrafted, solid wood, and are a beautiful blank slate to finish off with whatever antlers and whatever mounting method you prefer. (We love this classic velvet round mount, and would love to share our best tips for how to DIY this style!) Visit our shop today to see our standard and custom offerings!